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I am super and natural! And apparently smoking hot too.

You are Dean.

You pretend like nothing is more important to you than your awesome car and collection of Metallica tapes, but your family will always come first. Your unusual childhood forced you to grow-up faster than most kids, so you are used to handling responsibility. Nothing makes you happier than being on the open road and hunting things that go bump in the night.

Sam confused


When Oz asked me to edit his Pathfinder Playtesting notes for him before he submitted them, I happily agreed. (Might as well put that English degree to use!)

I love Oz dearly. I really do but he seems to love whole paragraph sentences. I think I'm going cross-eyed. *grin*

Of course, he's nothing compared to the huge medical journals that I've edited. Dr.'s seem to like whole PAGE sentences. Heh.


Someone please poke me in the eye. I'm frickin' bored out of my mind today.

I needs entertainment!

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Sam confused

Photo Website

Hi all! I've been working on a website to host various photos and while it is still under construction, it is completed enough to unveil it.

I also have it set up so that people should be able to add their own pictures as well but you'll have to actually make yourself a member to do that.

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My thoughts on the Pathfinder Society Game so far.

I played the first 4 Pathfinder Society Games at Gen Con this year. Now, while I had tons of fun, overall, the mods themselves were very simple and the faction missions downright lame. Now, being the start of a campaign, I can understand having simple modules to get people into/used to a new world. However, to keep people's interest it can't be the norm for long. This concerns me because of the way their module submission process works. My understanding is that the mods are named with the premises in tact and you have to send them your outline for their bullet points for approval to write it. While this will give them tight control on the plots, it will also limit creativity and complexity. My opinion is to meet somewhere in the middle. Allow people to put forth module ideas that are not already pretty much spelled out but also have the bulleted modules if you'd like.

As to the factions, I do understand that to most people party conflict is a no-no. But as things stand now, what is the point of the missions if they aren't difficult, more then one person isn't looking for the same thing, or you don't have to really convince your party members to go along with you or...SOMETHING. Honestly, I think a little party conflict is good and I LOVE what Arcanis does with their secret missions. Pathfinder should take a page from them, in my opinion. Of course, so far, Arcanis is quite a bit more grittier then Pathfinder Society is and it could just be a flavor issue.

I'm going to be playing the next 2 pathfinder society modules this weekend at DCV (#5 & 6) so we'll have to see how they end up. Joe C. has already played them and he has told me that so far he has been unimpressed. This makes me sad. :(

I have some high hopes for this campaign and great trust in the people that run it, so I'm hoping that some of this is just growing pains. :)

On a side note, we just started up a campaign using the rise of the runelords and so far it is GREAT. Nothing like the pathfinder society modules other then the world. I'm very excited to continue to play these!
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Education Continued Part 2... :D

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the advice/suggestions/etc. that I've received here, in email, and IM. I've already started looking into a Masters of Liberal Studies here at UMD. That being said, I am still going to pursue the graphics art thing by taking a class here or there either after I'm finished with the Masters or as I go (depending on how hard the workload is for said Masters.)

Part of the reason I want to do the graphics art/website design thing is that I'm currently doing it right now. I've pretty much taught myself how to do a hack job using various programs (and I'm quite happy to have adobe professional pack at home) and I KNOW there are likely easier ways of doing these sites then I'm doing right now. I enjoy doing website much more then I thought I would as it is both creative and challenging. I've done about 10 different medical school sites for teaching/public/private, etc. and just recently I've completed about 12 banner ads for a private company as well as a freeze frame TV commercial. (One of those "Brought to you by..." type TV ads.) Additionally, my current job is thinking they would like me to take over the financial aid website for the University and redesign it. I told them that I was absolutely willing to do this but that I'm a little slower then a 'professional' because I'm self taught. They said they don't mind.

Now while I do enjoy designing websites, part of me is frustrated that I can't do it more efficiently. This is also driving my desire to take graphic design classes. But, I think at this point I'll plod along, doing what I can with sites until I'm finished with the Masters. I knew, deep down, that it is the route that I should go but a part of me doesn't want to. I don't know that the Masters will be 'fun work' like I believe the graphic design degree would be. :)

Hopefully the Masters of Liberal Arts program will return my call today and I can get the ball rolling on that! I am also going to contact the College of Liberal Arts to see how feasible it is to take a few of those art classes now.
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My continuing education...

One of the major benefits to working at a state University is that all my schooling is paid for. I have been mulling over how to best take advantage of this - do I want to go and get my Masters or to get a second undergraduate degree? The Masters will help me get a better/higher paying job or at least a raise at my current job. The undergraduate degree would be in graphic arts with a focus on website design, etc., would much more fun but because it is nothing like English I would pretty much have to start over. Of course, this type of job also tends to pay better, even in this area.

I am torn. Anyone have an opinion?
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